Bright and Bold Summer Wedding Cakes


Beautiful white cake with pink roses, love the square of “grass” surrounding the cake. See more


Beautiful bold and bright summer wedding cakes, as stunning as they are yummy. Enjoy.


Bright green and orange wedding cake with tulips. See more @


Stunning wedding made from wedding boxes covered in green and orange flowers. More @


Square light yellow wedding cake beautifully decorated with orange zinnias and green and purple orchids. More @

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Burlap love…


burlap covered bench


great ottoman with printed burlap


attractive burlap bag






big burlap pillow and upholstered bench


burlap covered stool


framed burlap covered bulletin board


lounge chairs upholstered with stamped burlap

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Magnet board ideas


Magnets made with scrapbook paper and flat florist marbles.

A few weeks ago I posted a do-it-yourself post,outlining how to make a fabric covered magnet board. In this post, I have gathered ideas that you can use to make your own D-I-Y magnet board. I’ve al;so included the link to the various websites. Hope you get some great ideas. Enjoy!


Antique ceiling tin, painted red and turned into magnet board.



Old tarnished tray makes a shabby chic magnet board.


Tray becomes great magnetic calendar.



Old cookie trays repurposed into fabric covered magnet board.


Pretty fabric covered magnet board.

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The Color Purple

The Color Purple: Regal and royal. Purple is the color of royalties. It stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also the color of passion, romance and sensitivity. This post highlights the color purple—–Enjoy the 101 ways to love the color logging on to Pinerest and searching for “purple”.

The below pictures come from the web as well as Pinterest. I do not claim any rights to them. Most can be found


Purple grapes


Beautiful monogrammed purple blanket.


Cool tinted purple bottles.


Stunning floral arrangement of purple and white cabbage plants.


Lovely rose embellished cake pops.


Beautiful flowers.


Just like Grandma’s Tea Service.


Purple Ballerina.


Great purple chair.

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Vintage key necklaces

Vintage key necklaces. Here are some beautiful examples of keys that have been upcycled into necklaces. All sorts of materials have been, as well as different kind of keys. Where possible I have included the website from which these key necklaces have been taken, there are also many that are available for purchase on Esty. Again I have included the link to the Esty page. I claim no rights to any of the pictures below. Enjoy!



Victorian key pendant created with wire wrapped key. See more @


Gold beaded rhinestone vintage key with 30 inch gold chain. See more @


Vintage key necklace, handmade, upcycled, one of a kind, and industrial chic by VintageValleyGirl. See more @


Antique lock and key necklace. See more @


Beautiful key adorned with a white flower and hung from a green beaded chain. See more @


Rust and royalty altered art key necklace.
by freedomdivine. See more @


Vintage key necklace, with leaf and bead charms. See more @


gorgeous garden key necklace, featuring 2 brass skeleton style keys, one brass fleur de lis charm, one sage green rose charm and a variety of green glass beads. See more @


Beautiful blue,white, and pearl jeweled keys. All can be worn as a necklace or pin. See more @


Roxy vintage skeleton key necklace by jennevans on Etsy, See more @



Antique skeleton key with blue glass heart charm. See more @

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Shabby Chic Garden


I adore a shabby chic cottage garden!  I love to turn flea market finds and old antiques into unique garden decor. What better way to showcase your one of a kind finds than to use them to decorate your spring garden? You can personalize your outdoor haven while adding Shabby Chic character to your garden! Please enjoy looking at these timeless and charming examples of how you can add antique and vintage finds – repurposed and recycled – to your garden! Enjoy!



Never throw anything out! There is always a way to use it! Brilliant! Here and old white dresser makes a perfect garden display. It is oh so Shabby Chic.

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The Alphabet


The letter “P” created with red buttons and framed. See more @


Moss covered amped stand. See more @


Spell out the word “love” on fabric covered artist’s board. See more @


Modpodge a copy of your marriage certificate onto your painted wooden initial.
Also, adorable with a birth certificate! See more @



A small chalkboard encased in an old painted frame allows you to spell out “Noel”, or any other holiday sentiment. See more @


Beautiful burlap ring bearer pillow made from burlap and wrapped with tulle, jute string and finishedwith a burlap button and stamped initial. See more @


“Be Positive” repurpose children’s blocks into inspirational phrases. See more @


The letter “A” created from all black buttons and mounted on burlap. See more @


Beautiful scrapbook paper and wooden letters-super easy. See more @



painted white letter”A”, embellished with purple swirls and flowers. See more @


Trace letter template onto scrapebook paper, lay out crayons, break or cut crayons to fit the letter. Place, then glue, crayons so they cover the letter, alternating colors. What a great teacher gift!
See more @

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Oh Christmas tree…

Oh Christmas tree…a collection of all types of Christmas trees. Below you will find some great Do-it-Yourself ideas to make many, many different types and styles of Christmas trees. There are trees made of fabric, paper, wire, old bed springs, funnels, felt, wooden sticks, beads, blocks, yarn, books, buttons, ornaments, ribbon, and more. All pictures were taken either from Pinterest or directly from the web, I claim no rights to any of the photos. Enjoy.


Darling red and white felt Christmas trees. See more @


Rolled wrapping paper tree. See more @


Eclectic wire bedspring holiday tree with a burlap bow. See more @


Burlap and pinecone Christmas trees. See more @


Vintage jewelry tree- beautiful! See more @


Christmas tree made of ornament, lights and sticks. See more @


Christmas tree forest…..a dictonary page tree, a twine tree, and a bean tree. See more @


An Oh-So Merry & Mod Holiday Table ……christmas modern holiday table setting. See more @

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Centerpieces for the Winter Holiday


Beautiful floral holiday centerpiece. Use a glass vase, add fresh green and red flowers. Place hedge apples and candles on table for accents. More details @

Nothing is more fun than decorating for the winter holidays, wheather you live in the snowy North or warm South. I’ve put together a wonderful collection of Holiday centerpieces below. Enjoy!


Cute way to construct an apple and pine bough centerpiece. Using styrofoam cones hot glue apples to form add in pine greenery with a u-shaped pin. More details @


You can create this fun table arrangement with things you already have at home. For a larger centerpiece use a coffee can, add various sizes of ornaments and greenery. You can use a vegetable or a soup can to make smaller arrangements. More details @


Pretty centerpiecs of roses and candy canes. Using hot glue attach candy canes to vase of coffee can. then fill your container with fresh cut roses. More details @


Create a Do-It-Yourself centerpiece with empty Kleenex and cardboard boxes… just cover boxes with flower petals, peppermint candy, or red tinsel and then tie them up with a ribbon bow. More details @


Black, red, and white present topiary. Stack creatively wrapped presents on a metal urn top with florals and ribbon. What a creative arrangement! More details @


Beautiful holiday floral arrangement created with red and white roses, green flowers, and pine greenery placed in a clear vase. More details @


Create a holiday urn centerpiece using a sleek metal container to hold an arrangement of ornamental cabbage, cedar, pine cones, yellow amaranth and Italian pittosporum, a tender green best suited to indoor use. More details @

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Christmas Stockings

Festive, shabby chic, burlap, felt, fabric,and fanciful Christmas Stockings. Below you will find 101 Holiday stockings to use as your inspiration to either craft or purchase new stockings for the holiday season. Enjoy!


Fantastic and fanciful “elf boot” stocking. Made of felt and decorated with fabric, beads and ornaments. See more @



Great stocking ideas from Pottery Barn. See more @


Curled boot stocking with feather boa trim. See more @


Printed linen fabric dresses up this stocking with lace. See more @


Woodland Deer Christmas Stocking. See more @


Embellished green velvet “grinch” stocking. See more @


Fashion these cute and comforting stockings from patterned fabric.


Love this green toile stocking. See more @


Fun velvet stocking trimmed with fabris. See more @

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Shabby Chic Christmas

As Christmas draws nearer and nearer, I thought I would share my 75 favorite holiday decor ideas. This post hi-lights a variety of ways for you to add a little “scabby chic” to your Christmas. Enjoy.

I have taken the following pictures both from the web and Pinterest. I claim no rights to them and have included as may links as I was able to find under each photo.


Holiday wreath made from antique brooches. See more at



Beautiful ornaments made by covering styrofoam balls with fresh herbs leaves secured with straight pins and lightly sprayed with spray paint. All topped off with a sheer ribbon bow. See more at


Darling burlap Santa Hat. Visit


Charming shabby chic holiday wreath. Created with coiled wire, oversized “jingle” bells and stars and fresh evergreens. See more at


White felt, ribbon, tiny pearl and sparkles…creat this unique stocking. See more at:


Glass glitter encrusted trees in glitter encrusted urns…stunning and available here


Miniature Christmas tree with bird and nest “nesting” in the tree branches. See more at


“Script” star ornament created using vintage letters. See more at or at

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Hand Knits

Below you will find great examples  knit items…sweaters, scarfs, socks, vests, coats, and hand warmers. Where ever possible I have included the URL to the knitting pattern. Photos were taken from Pinterest or directly from the web. I make no claim to any of the photos.


Brown shawl like scarf. See more @


Grey shawl collar cardigan. See more @


Beautiful olive green caplet to keep you warm this winter. See pattern @


Knitted dark brown cardigan. See more @


Lovely vintage sweater is figure flattering. See more @


Love this twist on a sweater, complete with cables. See more @


Love this light grey knitted scarf. Available at Esty. See more @


Legwarmers – these cable knit leg warmers are styled with floral appliques, fashion that’s both toasty and trendy!


From the front it’s a simple tunic with optional pockets, the back is open with straps that cross at the top. Pattern available @


Deep red carpet bag available for purchase. See more @

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Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces

In this post I am highlighting Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces all is to do as a Do-it-yourself projects for your Thanksgiving table created from fresh flowers, fruits,vegetables,greenery, pumpkins and winter squash. You will enjoy both making these centerpieces and how great they look on your Thanksgiving Day table. Enjoy.


Extended table dressed up with white pumpkins, fall leaves, and candles.


Beautiful centerpieces created from pomegranates, twigs, yellow lilies, cascading greenery, and hedge apples.


Cute as can be centerpiece using white squash or pumpkin filled with flowers of all kinds.


Love the simplicity of this arrangement, white pumpkin surrounded by soft-green colored greenery.


“Tiered” squash topiary.


Just stunning mini garden centerpiece of colored ornamental cabbage plants.

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Do-it-yourself Key necklace


First select a

This post contains step by step directions to create your own key necklace. Select keys from your home that you no longer use  or purchase them from a discount or hardware store. Then gather up old pieces of jewelry or buy new ones. You’ll need some charms and some jewels. Enjoy! IMG_1937IMG_1938IMG_1949IMG_1945IMG_1943IMG_1962IMG_1962IMG_1965IMG_1977IMG_1976