DIY Chalkboards


Applying chalkboard paint to old gilded mirror, a great use for an unused frame

This post highlights the chalk board. Below you with find several do-it-yourself chalk boards. There are made from old picture frames, window panes, coffee tables, clip boards, dressers, and silver trays. Enjoy!



Beautiful red chalkboard. Turn an old picture frame into a chalkboard. Take a picture, remove art work and replace with a board. Paint board with chalkboard paint. Hang and enjoy.



Stunning gold frame upcycled into a chalkboard. Hung with a beautiful ribbon.



Old clip boards turned into message boards and it’s all been done by painting the clip boards with chalk board pai


Here is a great way to entertain the kiddo’s. Paint a large piece of wood with chalk board paint, then frame out the wood. The little ones will draw for hours.


Take an old window and replace the glass with a wooden board, paint the board with chalk board paint. Paint the old window frame white, hang and enjoy.


Here is a fun way to revamp and old coffee table. Paint the table with chalk board paint, hand the kids some chalk and let them color:)


The panes in this old window have been replaced with cork board and pieces of wood painted with chalk board paint. Now you have a dual purpose media board.


A burlap covered board adorned with a letter painted with chalk board paint. 


Old coffee table painted with chalk board paint. Creating a game table and a great place to draw.


Painting a section of wall in the kitchen with chalk board paint can turn the wall into a usable message board.


Old window frame turned into multi use peg and message board. Just replace window panes with wooden boards and paint with chalk board paint. Attach hooks.


By removing the mirror from a bedroom vanity you can create a child’s chalk and picture board.


Cute table turns in a play place for kids, when table top is painted with chalk board paint And there is great storage underneath.


Turn a flat piece of metal into a calendar, magnetic and chalk board. Add hooks and you have a multi purpose message center.


Beautiful shabby chic chalk board created from old picture frame. Replace the art work in the frame with wood, paint wood with chalk board paint. Paint frame a soft pink and bouquet of flowers and hang on wall.


This chalk board was made out of an old clock frame. Just remove clock face and paint oval center with chalk board paint. Add a drawer pull as added embellishment.


Old silver trays turned into mini chalk boards. So easy to do, just take a silver tray and paint with chalk board paint. If you choose, hang chalk boards above the fireplace in an empty picture frame.


Old weathered picture frame transformed into a chalk board.


Turn a underutilized hallway into a black board that severs as a message board and a storage space.


Turn a dresser into a display board, paint dresser with chalk board and you can begin drawing on it.


Take an antique metal frame and turn it upscale by turning into a chalk board menu board.


Child’s bright pink door transformed into a drawing board. Simply paint the back of a bedroom door with chalk board paint.


Cute cut out bunny chalk board.


Turn embroidery hoops into round chalk boards. They would make great organizational labels.


Again, here is an example of old farm windows turned chalk board. Replacing the old window with a sheet of metal makes the board a magnetic board, too.


Oval silver serving platter makes an excellent menu board when painted with chalk board paint and placed in a metal easel.


Reto refrigerator refurbished into a chalk board message board. It has been painted a beautiful blue color. And what a great board to write your grocery list on.


Chalk board created from an old window pane. Old door knob that has been added is charming.


Old wooden board painted with chalk board paint becomes a popular message board.


Antique window that has had the panes removed and replaced with wood painted with chalk board paint. This would make a great organizational board or calendar.


What a stunning way to turn a silver tray into an eye-catching door hanging. The tray has been painted with chalk board paint and embellished with ribbon and an piece of vintage jewelry.


Begin getting organized with this message center. The caulk board / organizer is made from a recycled, wooden cabinet door featuring a salvaged drawer pull and vintage window handle; great for storing your chalk and hanging your goodies.


An flat faced old door is turned into a chalk board, by painting the inner door with chalk board paint.


Over-sized picture frame transforms into a dining room menu chalk memo board.


Again, an old picture frame gets upgraded to art work by removing the pictures and replacing them with a board that has been painted with chalk board paint. Looks great hung over the fireplace mantel.


Old door frame repurposed into a memo center with hooks for bags and things.


Eye catching bright yellow message center created from plywood. This organizer would work perfectly in an entry way or kitchen. With plenty of room to hang you keys, coats, a chalk board, a place for letters and a vase of flowers.


Memo board created from old window pane. The old panes make a great organizational space.


Beautiful old window frame repurposed and upgraded to a chalk board message center.


Up cycle and old cake baking pan into a chalk board. Just paint the bottom of the pan with chalk board paint.


Silver party tray has been painted with chalk board paint to create a cute memo board.


Old door reclaimed and made into hallway coat rack. Replace door glass with a board, paint board with chalk board paint, add shelf and paint green.


Cute chalk board made from old silver tray. Tray has a great shape.



Window frame becomes a multi-purpose message center.Repurpose window by replacing window with wood, painting the wood with chalk board paint. Add knobs and a shelf to complete the message center.



Repurpose an old window by replacing panes of glass with chalk board, burlap, and chicken wire. The chalk board is great for memos, the burlap for pinning items and the chicken wire for attaching things.


Burlap, Chick wire, and chalk board combine to create a message center. Using an old window, replace glass panes with burlap, chick wire, and wood painted with chalk board paint.


Narrow window frame up cycled into chalk board with hooks.


Paint the surface of a globe with chalk board paint. Makes a great mobile message board.


Three chalk boards, one made from an old mirror frame, one made from and plywood and old bed spindles, and one made from an old picture frame. Look for old, frames, mirrors, etc. at flea markets, antique shows and garage sales.


Re-purposed window frame made into a chalk board and memo center.


A collection of silver trays updated with chalk board paint. Makes a great memo board.



Clipboard turned chalk board. Paint clipboard with chalk board paint.


Weekly menu board put together with plywood and painted.


Paint the face of wooden crates with chalk board paint. You’ll have some great organizational crates.


With just some chalk board paint, you can change the wall beneath your staircase into a message center.




Bed frame painted with chalk board paint, turns the headboard into a chalk board.


Here’s a cute idea, paint the inside top of a child’s lunch box with chalk board paint. Instant message board.


Old mirror frame that has been painted a beautiful blue and has had the mirror replaced with a board painted with chalk board paint.



Redo a armoire by painting it with chalk board paint. You’ll be able to write all you want.


Great hall tree. Created from plywood, with hooks added and the center painted with chalk board paint.



Guilded gold frame becomes a chalk board with some plywood and some chalk board paint.



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