Easter Egg Hunt


Marbleized Eggs
Supplies: eggs,food coloring, vinegar, cooking oil,cups, paper towels, spoons.
Method: In each cup, combine one tablespoon of each of the following: oil, vinegar, and your choice of food coloring. Add water until cup is 3/4 full. Swirl the liquid, and quickly lower and raise an egg into it. Pat dry with a paper towel, and repeat with a 2nd color. Swirl into a third color, if desired. Pat dry.

Enjoy decorating Easter eggs? There are so many creative ways to dress them up. Here is just a hint of how you can dress up your hard boiled eggs for Easter. Enjoy…..







Marbling Eggs:
Supplies:Enamel hobby paints: green, lavender, purple, or colors of your choice.
Disposable aluminum pans, one per color combination. Rubber gloves, wooden skewers, blown eggs,coffee filters.
1. Select color or combinations, using one or more colors of paint for each marbling bath.2. For each bath, fill a roasting pan with 4 inches of water. Wearing gloves, add 1 tsp. of each color paint to pan.. Swirl the end of a skewer through the paint. 3. Place an egg on the end of a skewer. Swirl it around through the paint mixture. When the paint has adhered to the egg in a marbled pattern, remove the egg from the skewer to an egg carton and let it dry. Repeat.


Dying eggs using rubber cement:
Supplies: eggs with center blown out,rubber cement, traditional egg dye.
Method: Enlarge hole at bottom of egg and place on a wooden skewer. Drizzle egg with rubber cement, let dry, then dip in a dye bath. When it’s dry, gently peel off the rubber cement. Repeat two or three times with additional colors — a masterpiece!


Water colored eggs
Supplies: eggs, dye, vinegar, water, pie tin, gloves
Hint: Make a dark color version of a dye, and then a lighter. Just add 50% more water to the existing “dark” color to make a lighter version.
Method: To prep eggs, mix 50% water and 50% vinegar and wipe the eggs down with the mixture. Let dry. Start with the lighter colors. Its all about layering light to dark. Hold the egg over the tin on both ends, & pour color over it. After you have made your pour, turn the egg in your hand so the color goes all the way around. You MUST let the color completely dry in between the pours. Use a blow dryer to speed things up. Once your egg is dry, repeat with another light color, or a darker one. You can do a lot of pours, or a l



Speckled Tea stained and Blue eggs:
Supplies: eggs, tea bags, blue and green food coloring, glasses, brown craft paint, toothbrush
Method:For tea-stained eggs, add 2 tea bags to glass of hot water and steep. Lower egg into tea for several minutes until desired color is reached. Allow to dry.
For blue eggs, combine 1 drop of blue and 1 drop of green food coloring in glass of water. Lower egg into dye bath until desired color is reached. Allow to dry.To speckle eggs, use brown craft paint and a toothbrush. Dip brush into paint and lightly splatter and dab around the egg to achieve a random, lightly dotted pattern. Allow to dry.


Brilliant Eggs:
Supplies: eggs, floral decals in dazzling iridescent colors,craft punch,
Method: To make stickers, use a craft punch to create shapes from double-sided adhesive sheets or cut freehand using scissors. Remove backing from one side of the sticker and apply it to the egg. Repeat shapes to create the design you’d like. Decorate with glitter by removing the top piece of tape from egg, sprinkle with glitter. Only remove taped “shapes” to be glitter one color at a time. Continue with next color of glitter.


Crackled Eggs
Supplies: FolkArt Acrylic Colors (Jamaican Sea and Turquoise).FolkArt Crackle Medium, Easter egg shape (wood or real),foam paintbrush,loose bristle paintbrush
Method: 1. Using a foam paintbrush, paint the eggs with Turquoise paint. Allow to dry for 3 full hours. 2. Coat with a layer of Crackle Medium. Dry for 2 hours. 3. Load bristle paintbrush with Jamaican Sea paint. (use lots of paint) Begin at the top of the egg and work towards base. Working in one direction, paint a thick coat over the egg. Work quickly and don’t go over your paintbrush strokes once the crackle begins. As the paint dries, the crackle will begin. Allow to dry. Tip:When painting round objects, paint one side, allow to dry and paint other.


Silk-Dyed Eggs
Who knew that silk fabric transfers onto eggshells as easily as the dye in a decorating kit? Regular old vinegar plus hot water does the trick.
Step 1: For each egg, cut out a 5-inch square of patterned 100 percent silk. (We limited ourselves to black-and-white prints to achieve the effect above; colored patterns yield more vibrant results.) Lightly dampen the fabric, then lay it flat, right side up, and place your egg in the center. Gather the fabric tightly around the egg, like a beggar’s purse, and secure with a rubber band. Repeat this step for the same egg, using a same-size square of plain white cotton and a second rubber band. Note: Use blown eggs if you’d like to keep your handiwork longer.
Step 2: Place eggs in a single layer in a nonreactive pot and add enough water to cover them by 2 inches. Add 4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 40 minutes.
Step 3: Remove eggs with tongs and cool about 20 minutes. Then unwrap the fabrics to reveal the exquisite designs.
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Cut pieces of 100% silk large enough to cover an egg. Wrap as smoothy and tightly around egg as possible, with right side of fabric facing in, and secure with a twist-tie or piece of string. Repeat process, but wrap with a plain piece of lightweight fabric, like an old white pillowcase or sheet.
Place eggs in a large stock pot and cover with water at least 2 inches above eggs. Add 1/4 cup white vinegar. Bring pan to a boil and reduce to simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes and then use a pair of tongs to remove eggs and lay them (still wrapped) on layers of paper towels or an old dish towel. Let cool to room temperature and then remove the fabric wrappings. Store in the fridge until ready to display. If desired, rub with a small amount of vegetable oil for shine.


Another example of silk dyed eggs using men’s ties.


More beautiful silk dyed eggs.


More examples of silk dyed eggs


All the Trimmings
Fabric and craft stores are full of colorful ribbon, lace, and velvet trims that can dress up eggs. Cook and color them first, then attach your choices with white tacky glue.
Complete Instructions:
Collection of decorated eggs: For fabric-trimmed eggs, cut trim to size and adhere to hard-boiled eggs with white tacky glue. For polka-dot eggs, dye hard-boiled eggs a pale color. Let dry before adding sticker dots (available at office-supply stores). Dye the eggs a second time in a contrasting color, let dry, and remove dots. For marbleized eggs, first dye hard-boiled eggs and let dry. Next, wrap eggs two or three times in a piece of plastic wrap, bunching the wrap in a few places. Immerse eggs in a different color, letting them remain in the dye for at least 20 minutes. Remove wrap and let dry.
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Break from Tradition
Try decorating your eggs with bold stripes made from washi tape.
Here’s how: Select washi tape that is approximately 1/4 inch wide. Wrap the tape lengthwise around the egg and cut to fit, creating 12 stripes. Rub tape down to push out any air bubbles. Use the same color tape for stripes or alternate complementary hues.


Sticker Egg Designs
To create these fun and funky Easter egg designs, dye your eggs using an egg dyeing kit (or natural dye). Allow to dry completely. Firmly adhere white stickers around an egg, pressing out any air bubbles.


Plaid and Stenciled Eggs
Materials: eggs,food coloring, waterproof vinyl adhesive tape and stencils, burnishing tool, small bowls, paper towel,traditional egg dye
Method: 1. Using a white egg or one dyed a pale color. Band the egg twice lengthwise with a 1/4-inch-wide masking tape. Firmly rub the tape with your fingernail or burnishing tool. 2. Dip egg into dye, raising and dipping until the color deepens as desired. Blot egg,let dry ten minutes. Remove tape. 3. Band the egg’s width with tape at its widest point, then repeat to make smaller circles around each end. (Try alternating wide strips of tape with narrow ones.) Burnish, dye, and dry as before. 4. Remove tape. 5. Use number or letter stencils, or cut-out in the same way.






“Lacey” eggs:
Supplies: standard egg dye, rubber bands, inexpensive lace scraps, scissors,foam board fitted with flathead pins
Method:1. Cut lace into strips long enough to wrap around eggs and still have extra to form a sash for holding.2. Wrap eggs, securing lace with rubber bands. Dye eggs according to dye package instructions. Lift out, cut off rubber bands, and unwrap lace. Let dry on foam board fitted with flathead pins.


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