Great DIY project ideas


Vintage drawer pull screwed on a chalk board to hold the chalk


Compiled below are some great do-it-yourself projects. These projects take everyday items and turn them into a variety of items including storage boxes, lamps, clocks, coasters and so much more. Enjoy.


Just add a picture frame hanger to a antique silver tray and you’ve got a fun and functional magnet board.


Classic white tea cups and tea pot turned into a darling lamp. Love the tiny cup used as a final.


Vintage tea cups filled with candle wax make cute candles.


Bright colors of tulle and some ribbon make a fun girl’s tutu.


Magazine files get dressed up with some white glue and scrapbook paper.


Clock designed using a embroidery frame, burlap, and brightly colored buttons. Pull the burlap tightly into the frame and sew on buttons as for a clock.


Fun and inexpensive office or craft room organizer made from tin cans covered in scrapbook paper.
Simply apply scrapbook paper with spray glue. Assemble organizer by hot glueing cans into a pyramid.


Dress up house key with crystals or old jewelry. Just hot glue jewels to the key and you’ll have no trouble finding the right key.


Make a clipboard stand out by covering it with scrapbook paper and adding vintage jewelry to the clip. You can use white glue thinned with water or mode podge medium to secure scrapbook paper to the face of the clipboard and then you can hot glue jewels to the silver clip.


Lamp shades revamped with silk flowers.


Beautiful wreath made out of fresh lemons and greenery. Lemons and greenery can be attached with hot glue to a grapevine wreath.


Picture frames turned into magnet boards. Cover a thin piece of metal that has been cut to fit a picture frame with scrapbook paper. Assemble frame with covered sheet of metal.


Pockets from denim jeans made into a craft storage cube. See directions at


Decorative fabric balls easily created by attaching long scraps of fabric to a styrofoam ball with either white glue or hot glue.


Attractive wall art using a vintage French grain sack. Cut grain sack to fit the frame, place sack into frame, backing it with cardboard, then cover with glass.


Picture frame turned into a cute ribbon holder. Spray paint picture frame, attach dowels horitzontally into frame edge. Add ribbon.


Clay pot embellished with a wax paper transfer. Copy design of your choice onto wax paper, while the ink is still wet rub transfer onto clay pot with popsicle stick.


Spiral notebook dressed up with a piece of old jeans with a pocket. The pocket makes a nice pen and pencil holder.


Unused forks made into business card or note holders.


Use a mason jars for a tall glass of lemon-aide and add a piece of cork cut into a circle that fits into the mason jar lid. The lid makes a great coaster.


Full white fluffy flowers created with dinner napkins. Round the edges of the napkins. Gather several white dinner napkins together with a twist tie. Fluff the napkins to form a flower. Display white flowers on top of candle holders.


Shower caddy made into a hanging craft organizer.


Outdoor wire plant holders serve as toy storage.


Using a few old books create a series of shelfs. Mount brackets to wall and place books on top of brackets.


Antique m├ętal grate becomes a great magazine holder.


Bankers boxes can be covered with fabric and used for storage.


Mounting mason jars to a piece of wood with hardware turns into a great storage system for the bathroom.


Kitchen wall organizer. Directions at


Yard stick crate. Directions at


Pin cushion made using cotton, fabric and a mason jar. Stuff cotton in fabric square, fit into lid of mason jar. Bottom can be used for storage while top can be used as a pin cushion.


Shutters joined together to make a unique umbrella stand. Find two matching sets of shutters and hinge them together. Add a board bottom. Stand the shutters upright, and they’re ready to store your umbrellas.


Hi-lite wall hooks hung on the wall by “framing” them.


Coasters made from terra-cotta pot bases… Smart. Paint or stain terra-cotta pot bases, glue on fabric circles to the face of the clay pot base.


Unique wall storage. Use cute metal tea tins as letter and pencils holders.


Shabby chic window frame can be used as a message board when chicken wire has been attached to the back of the windoow frame.


Picture holder made by bending up the tinges of a fork.


Bullet board that has been crafted using a picture frame, burlap and a ruffled burlap ribbon.


Make your own dangly earring display out of a cheap frame, burlap, twine, and ribbon! Cover a board cut to fit inside frame, embellish board with ribbon and twine.


Soup can can be covered with burlap and embellished with ribbon and fabric flowers.


Black and white square plate turned serving tray. Simply hot glue plate to a glass candle stick.


Beautiful crystal wreath. Antique broaches and other old jewels can be mixed together and glued onto a small styrofoam wreath form to make this lovely wreath. Hang finished on a door, window or mirror.


Light yellow paint has been used to paint this mason jar. A soap dispenser has been added and now you have an ideal soap pump for kitchen or bath.


Darling felt flower scarf. Instructions at www.


Pillow covers made from old sweaters. Instructions a


Cute magnets made from flat glass marbles and fabric or scrapbook paper.


Rustic silverware holders made from burlap. Cut two different size rectangles from burlap, as shown in the photos. Fray edges of the burlap. Sew rectangles together by hand or machine. Enjoy at your next party.


Repurposed License Plate Clipboards. Useful! Wall organizers, note holders, customer receipt/check boards, etc. More information at


Here soup can are made into mugs. Using food safe paint is recommended. After painting can, allow to dry, and attach the bent fork to the side of the tin can.


Recycle old blue jean into fun denium flip flops. Cut pieces of the waistband of jeans, attach to flip flops, buttoning metal button at end of shoe.


Beautiful card holder/ paper weights crafted from wire and vintage door knobs. Embellish with beads, crystals, etc.


Easy shadow box. Combine a paper towel holder with a picture frame. Paint as desired and create a vignette in the frame.


Old metal baking sheet turned into vintage looking magnet board.


Fabulous wrist warmers made from fabric or an old sweater, lace and buttons. View tutorial at


White trash or hillbilly wine glass. Easy to make with just mason jars, some spray glue and glitter.


Great way to display pictures or greeting cards. Use empty frame, add wires hortizionally across frame and attach pictures with minitiaure clothes pins.


Old books from goodwill – decoupage with aged looking paper and embellishments.


Bright red ruffled scarf made from an extra large t-shirt. Directions found at


Vintage looking book marks created from velvet ribbons, fabric clamp, and an old earring.


Darling flowers made from zippers. Love all the colors and textures.


Great coasters designed with wine bottle corks and picture frames.


Beautiful hand painted shot glasses. Using acrylic paint and the back end of a paint brush to add the dots. Place glasses in a cold oven, preheat to 350 and bake for 30 min. Turn off oven and let cool with the glasses still in the oven. Remove when cool and enjoy.



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