French Style

I’ve just spent the last ten days in Paris, France. And had a wonderful time. Sometimes tourists get a bad rap from Parisians. Making fun of their white tennis shoes, capri pants and crossover bags. Today in my post I’ve put together some wonderful outfits that even a tourist could pull off in Paris. Enjoy your travels.


Great black and white striped skirt


Simple jeans and white blouse dressed up with a green wool coat


Cropped jeans, white tee add a great bag and a ever so Parisian scarf


Jeans, blouse navy sweater and pearls make a classic outfit

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Red, White, and Blue


Darling red trench coat accessorized with red, white and blue bag

Having just celebrated Memorial Day in the US and with the 4th of July just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some great combinations of clothing in Red, White and Blue. Enjoy.


Child’s pillow case dress


Striped tank paired with skirt with a big row


Terrific wide stripe car coat


Accessorize white pants with red and blue ribbon

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Vintage Furniture


Shabby Chic bed

Shabby Chic, Antique, and Vintage all have a little different meaning. Antiques are over 100 years old. Shabby Chic is a style that uses eccentric and unique items to decorate. Vintage refers to older home decor.Below I’ve compiled items that fall into all of these categories. Enjoy.


Vintage table and candle holders.


Pink chest of drawers


Blue tuffed couch


Vintage yellow chest of drawers


Refurbished curio cabinet

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Aqua love…

Who doesn’t love the color aqua? Enjoy all theses cup cakes, tiffany boxes, suitcases, dresses, mixers, vintage trucks, books, telephones, boots, watches, purses, bicycles, chairs, and a piano!Then add some Aqua blue to your home’s decor or your wardrobe. Enjoy!

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Tiered Serving Pieces


Stacked metal cake plates in three sizes form an awesome cupcake server.


Cakes have always been a part of many celebrations and now cupcakes have become one of this countries most popular desserts. In this blog I showcase some delightful cake plates and cupcake servers. Some can  even be made from everyday household items. Enjoy!



Darling blue server topped with glass.


Tall, thin pastry stands.


White serving dishes combine to form a three-tiered serving dish. 

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