Pin Cushion Tutorial

Here is a greta quick and easy craft project. Tutorial from

Using a decorative frame from a craft store to make these cute DIY pin cushions! Pair the frames with colorful and fun fabric scraps.

how to make pin cushion

How to Make a Pin Cushion

easy pin cushion

supplies: tiny wood frame with chipboard backing, paint, batting, fabric

DIY pin cushion


  1. Paint the wood frame using 2-3 coats of spray paint.
  2. Place the frame with the face down and place a 4″x5″ piece of fabric on top of the frame with right side down.
  3. Fold a 6″x8″ piece of batting into a small rectangle and insert where the opening in the frame is.
  4. Pull the edges of the fabric to pull out some of the wrinkles. pin cushion craft
  5. Fold over the edges of the fabric and place the chipboard on top to conceal the raw edges, then fold over the metal tabs to secure in place.

how to make pin cushion


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