Centerpieces for the Winter Holiday


Beautiful floral holiday centerpiece. Use a glass vase, add fresh green and red flowers. Place hedge apples and candles on table for accents. More details @

Nothing is more fun than decorating for the winter holidays, wheather you live in the snowy North or warm South. I’ve put together a wonderful collection of Holiday centerpieces below. Enjoy!


Cute way to construct an apple and pine bough centerpiece. Using styrofoam cones hot glue apples to form add in pine greenery with a u-shaped pin. More details @


You can create this fun table arrangement with things you already have at home. For a larger centerpiece use a coffee can, add various sizes of ornaments and greenery. You can use a vegetable or a soup can to make smaller arrangements. More details @


Pretty centerpiecs of roses and candy canes. Using hot glue attach candy canes to vase of coffee can. then fill your container with fresh cut roses. More details @


Create a Do-It-Yourself centerpiece with empty Kleenex and cardboard boxes… just cover boxes with flower petals, peppermint candy, or red tinsel and then tie them up with a ribbon bow. More details @


Black, red, and white present topiary. Stack creatively wrapped presents on a metal urn top with florals and ribbon. What a creative arrangement! More details @


Beautiful holiday floral arrangement created with red and white roses, green flowers, and pine greenery placed in a clear vase. More details @


Create a holiday urn centerpiece using a sleek metal container to hold an arrangement of ornamental cabbage, cedar, pine cones, yellow amaranth and Italian pittosporum, a tender green best suited to indoor use. More details @


Create a tabletop Christmas tree by stacking stemmed cake platters and candy dishes. Fill it in with green ornaments and trimming. More details @


Pine cone apothecary jars. Simply take large sized apothecary jars, add pinecones and greenery. Add floral and individual pinecones as accents to your table.
More details @


Wrought iron tier bowl filled with greens, ornaments and pine cones to make this simple yet elegant holiday centerpiece. More details @


Take over-sized ornaments, glitter covered boxes, and a large star to create this fanciful table decoration. More details @




Stunning centerpiece created using a tall silver candle holder and adding greenery. Then insert pinecones, hedge apples, fresh artichokes, and green apples and silver ornaments. More details @


Create this fanciful candy wonderland table arraignment. More details @



Beautiful rustic centerpiece. Fill a wooden flower box with a layer of florist foam, then small pots of floral oasis filled with fresh Balsam, white pine, arborvitae, cedar, boxwood and pine cones. Add faux red berries along with the holly. More details


Santa’s favorite red and gold holiday centerpiece. More details @


Festive and fun-loving Christmas arrangement will brighten up any holiday table. More details @


A Grinch-style Christmas tree! WooHoo! What a delightful idea. Cedar branches all wrapped up with sparkly wire and a sparkly bobble on the end making it lean over. Billiant, simply brilliant. More details @


To make this fresh holiday centerpiece simply tuck in sprigs of greenery, such as pine into florist form in a vase.Continue to add another round of greenery, using something that contrasts, such as incense cedar with tiny golden berries. Continue to add greenery until vase is full. Add gren apple and pine cones. More details @


Paper white and green and silver ornaments combine to make this arrangement. Plant your bulbs, in peat or just stones and water, weeks before the holiday for them to bloom in time. Add in your ornaments for display. More details @


Simply gather small wrapped presents, a tiered pedestal, and some holly or other greenery. Within minutes, you’ll have a centerpiece that will last the entire season (or at least until the gifts are opened).More details @


Simple arrangement made by adding greenery, red Christmas ornaments and red flowers to a glass container. More details @


Stunning over sized arrangement combines a variety of greenery and different sizes of candles all grouped together in a large metal container.


Gather berries, cones and evergreen branches to create your own holiday magic.
Pomegranates and osage oranges were hollowed out and tea lights installed for this warm, inviting display. More details @


Easy to make centerpiece. Wrap several boxes with coordinating Christmas wrap, determine how to stack packages. After glueing boxes together, add ribbons and other embellishments. Display. More details @ s


Fanciful holiday arrangement you can make. Top a gold candle stick with a round grouping of flowers and a sparkling crystals.


You can put together an ivy topiary tree with pomegranates at the base, hydrangeas at the top of the tree and base with more evergreens. Red roses sit on top of the pomegranates. So pretty!.. More details @


This table decoration offers a fun twist on the traditional. These tree shaped wire Christmas trees are made with gold toned aluminum wire that has been formed by twisting it around a styrofoam cone. Arrange finished trees on some greenery. More details @


Lay an old frame on the table and fill with snow, ornaments, pine boughs, and flowers…very striking! More details @


Simply stunning holiday table decor. Wrap several square boxes in green wrapping paper, stack boxes on cake plate, and tie up with a wide velvet green bow. More details @


Darling centerpiece creating by adding greenery, holly berries, holiday ornaments. More details @


Metal “present” is used for the base of this arrangement. Add various floral sticks to create a beautiful centerpiece. More details @


Whimsical candy cane topiary combines a glass candle holder, a styrofoam craft cone, candy canes, white frosting and a sucker and a bow on top. More details @


Unique eye-catching, nature-inspired gift box center piece uses one box covered in brown paper and the other two are covered with moss. More details @


Truffle Candy Cane Flower Centerpiece! Find a glass pedestal vase, insert a vase that is 1/2 inch smaller inside the larger vase. Fill the interior vase about half way with water. Fill the empty space between the two glass vases with candy canes. Then arrange flowers in vase. More details @


Lime green and red Christmas lantern swag by LoversLaneCrafts can be easily duplicated. Start with a tall metal lantern, add greenery, red and green floral picks with red balls and add a spectacular bow. More details @


Beautiful holiday centerpiece. To make, collect three sizes of glass candy dishes. Assemble arrangement by stacking candy dishes. Layer fern leaves, Christmas ornaments,baby’s breath and ribbon. More details @


Stunning Christmas floral display. Easy to copy, you’ll need a container and flowers such as poinsettias, and green and red leaves and berries. Top off with a bow. More details @



Great urn display with over-sized candy canes, frosted greenery and berries. More details @


Large glass bowl filled with glitter ornaments, curled ribbon, greenery and small red ornament floral picks.


Glitter Poinsettia and Berries Arrangement from Michael’s. To make fill clear cylinder with cinnamon pine cones and decor balls. Secure foam to top of container. Cut and insert pine and berry bush, secure with glue.Cut and insert poinsettia/ fruit/ berry spray, then secure with glue. More details @


Christmas decorating ideas to make your house Glow. Decorate a candle filled hurricane with branches, striped ribbon, pomegranates, and ornaments. More details @



Great red and white striped boxes filled with ribbon, green leaves, red berries, candy cane and suckers. More details @


Fanciful table garland. Recreate this centerpiece with ribbon, ornaments, curled floral picks, and candy embellishments. More details @


Inexpensive and eye-catching, using candy is a quick way to create a clever centerpiece. Use the candy sticks on the outside of the vase to create a candy stick vase for an arrangement of fresh greens. More details @


Whip a few paper mache trees up using items you already have on hand. Try using buttons, glitter, sheet music, a vintage tape measure as well as other embellishments. More details @



Glass vases, peppermint sticks, gum drops, red jelly bellies, red roses, red and white carnations, and white carnations are turned into delightful table arrangement. More details @


Fanciful table decor from Trendy Tree. Style your own by simply using a suitable container filled with branches with glitter balls of white, green and red. More details @


Whimsical centerpiece made with Snowmen from the 2013 Holiday on Ice Collection . Make your own centerpiece with similar snowmen and green and red floral picks. More details @


Christmas ideas- fill vases with solid color mardi gras beads, then add in silver floral branches. More details @


Whimsical centerpiece can be duplicated using a ceramic elf boot, white pine boughs, glitter Christmas lights, and berries. More details @


Holiday centerpiece comes to life with arrangement of greenery, glitter fruit, poinsettias, and red berries.



Elegant arrangement. Recreate with red roses and green ribbons and baubles. Arrange roses in a round glass vase, fill in with ribbon and ornaments.




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