Shabby Chic Garden


I adore a shabby chic cottage garden!  I love to turn flea market finds and old antiques into unique garden decor. What better way to showcase your one of a kind finds than to use them to decorate your spring garden? You can personalize your outdoor haven while adding Shabby Chic character to your garden! Please enjoy looking at these timeless and charming examples of how you can add antique and vintage finds – repurposed and recycled – to your garden! Enjoy!



Never throw anything out! There is always a way to use it! Brilliant! Here and old white dresser makes a perfect garden display. It is oh so Shabby Chic.


Hold on to your one of a kind flea market finds and use them to decorate your spring garden. You can personalize your outdoor haven while adding Shabby Chic character to your garden! Please enjoy looking at these timeless and charming examples of how you can add antique and vintage finds – repurposed and recycled – to your garden! Enjoy!


Here is a great way to expand your garden when you have run out of room. It looks rustic and you can hang it can anywhere. You’ll need, soup cans, spray paint, chalkboard paint, paint brush, twine and a drill. Start by drilling a hole in the bottom and side(for twine)of each soup can. Spray paint cans, let dry. Paint the top portion of the soup cans with chalkboard paint, let dry. Now you are ready to plant herbs in the cans. Attach cans together with twine and hang. Enjoy!


Do you have a chair you no longer want, or maybe you can find one at a garage sale or flea market. Take that fab find,paint it and plant some flowers in it. You can place a pot onto the seat of the chair and use it for planting flowers. Or can you can get some chicken wire, and nail it to the underside bottom of your chair. Line it with a coconut shell liner, (you can find them in Lowes, Home Depot, or agarden center) Fill it with soil and plant your plants!



Great galvanized gallon tub filled with flowers and accented by a watering can.


Antique bird bath repurposed to hold these beautiful tulips.


This is a great do-it-yourself stage for potted plants. Use your creativity and paint it in your choice of color. It’s a good way to fill a cornor with plants without repotting and can work on an apartment deck, as easily as in a home garden space. Best part is seasonally you can change out the plants!


This is a fun and unique way to display your flowers. Keep an eye out at flea markets and antique shows for a vintage scale, fill with dirt and plant with flowers. Enjoy!


Now this is beautiful and will add that wow factor to any backyard garden. Simply plant flowers of your choice of flowers in the center of the chandelier in a moss basket.


Here we see another fun way to show off planted flowers. Use and old tire, either plain or whitewashed as a planter. Just add dirt and plants to base of tire. Enjoy!


Make use out of old cabinet or chest of drawers to display potted plants. It’s easy, just pull open a drawer and add a potted plant to it.


For you inner ballerina, try using a dress form as a planter in your garden. Fill dress form with dirt and plant with flowers.


Gather galvanized pails fill with dirt and plant with flowers. They look great hanging on a white picket fence.


Unique way to repurpose a chandelier. Take an old brass chandelier, paint bright red and then plant with ivy.


Addle zip to your garden with an old shutter. Repurpose a shutter into a plant wall. Just attach potted plants to the shutter, lean it against a wall and enjoy. a litt


Use a vintage bicycle to display flowers. It’s simple to plant flowers in the bike’s front and side baskets.


Here a vintage claw footed bathtub overflowing with greenery. What a stunning use of a worn out bathtub. Fill tub with dirt and then plants.


This is a great way to utilize galvanized trash cans, just fill them up with dirt and add plants.


Use an old gate mounted to the fence with a window box beneath it as an outdoor planter.


Old bike painted vintage pink, attach metal planter to back of bike. Add dirt and plant with flowers. Great display.


An old portion of a picket fence makes a unique display for two moss and metal planters.


Now, not everyone has access to an antique brass bed, but it certainly will make a statement if you were to place a bed in your garden and fill it full of flowering plants.


I absolutely love this metal chair that has been planted with succulent plants. It is beautiful and would be a great addition to anyone’s garden.


Have a chair with a broken leg? Well remove the other three legs and you have a perfect plant shelf. Hang the chair on your porch or garden fence and place a pot of ivy on the seat.


Try removing the glass from an old chippy window and replace it with a chalkboard painted board, add on an old wood crate filled florals. Display in your outdoor garden, either hang on the wall or a fence.


Here is a heart shaped wire chair just overflowing with flowers. Try creating your own floral chair and display in your garden.


Here a vintage claw foot bathtub is used as a coffee table on the porch. Fill tub with dirt and then plant with greenery. Place stain piece of wood across tub to use as a coffee table.


Look around your garden and consider the style of your garden décor when choosing which materials will work best for your trellis. Here, rustic wire fencing is paired with painted wood casing and a rosette block. Plant will climb gracefully up the trellis.


Another example of a chair garden. This chair is hosting impatiences.


These brightly colored rain boots add interest and color to your garden. Fill boots with dirt, plant with flowers and hang on fence. Simple.


An old set of painted doors take on a new life as a display for old window frames and flowering plants. The door on the right acts as a trellis for the flowering plant.


This green chair uses chicken wire as the “pot” for the plants. A great addition to your garden.


Love this old galvanized steel file cabinet for showcasing purple flowers.


Hang a old metal barrel, wood removed, in your garden and fill with pink and white moss rose.


Hang brightly colored, painted clay pots on your garden fence. Fill with plants. Enjoy. I just love the blue and green colors.


Old chair used as flower planter.



Ferns, strawberries, euonymous, grasses, moss and a variety of succulents are just a few things that are included in the above vertical garden. This is a great use for an old window. Just mount window in metal frame and plant plants in pockets of dirt. And now you have an easy to care for vertical garden….


These are the pockets of dirt used in the vertical garden above.


Beautiful urn filled with flowers and greenery. Fill an antique urn with pretty gladiolus, roses, hydrangia, and ivy.


Here a neat little secretary has been used to plant an herb garden. Herbs are planted right in the cabinet drawers. What a great use of an outdated piece of furniture.



Topsy turvy planter made from galvanized tub and buckets.



This is quite literally a garden bed. Unique garden bed planted with ivy.


Trellises can be made of many different materials. Look around your home for simple ideas that would work for a wall-mount trellis. Here, an aged iron gate supports blooming greenery against the side panels on the home. The small details at the top of the trellis add a charming element that is both fun and stylish.


Great garden feature made from galvanized metal tubs stacked and topped off with a water



This recycled dresser becomes a fabulous planter. More a repurposed chest of drawers rather than a refurbished chest, this inexpensive shabby chic piece of furniture becomes the crowning piece in a romantic garden or sun room.





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