Oh Christmas tree…

Oh Christmas tree…a collection of all types of Christmas trees. Below you will find some great Do-it-Yourself ideas to make many, many different types and styles of Christmas trees. There are trees made of fabric, paper, wire, old bed springs, funnels, felt, wooden sticks, beads, blocks, yarn, books, buttons, ornaments, ribbon, and more. All pictures were taken either from Pinterest or directly from the web, I claim no rights to any of the photos. Enjoy.


Darling red and white felt Christmas trees. See more @ http://ide-puffen.blogspot.com.


Rolled wrapping paper tree. See more @ http://leslieashe.blogspot.com.


Eclectic wire bedspring holiday tree with a burlap bow. See more @ www.esty.com.


Burlap and pinecone Christmas trees. See more @ http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/burlap-and-twine-trees-last-minute-holiday-home-decor-tutorial.


Vintage jewelry tree- beautiful! See more @ www.esty.com.


Christmas tree made of ornament, lights and sticks. See more @ http://noodloves.it.


Christmas tree forest…..a dictonary page tree, a twine tree, and a bean tree. See more @ http://www.beautifulmatters.com/2011/12/handmade-christmas-trees-pt-3.


An Oh-So Merry & Mod Holiday Table ……christmas modern holiday table setting. See more @ http://frostedeventsblog.com/category/holiday.

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Tutorial: record bowl & letter holder

This is one of my favorite Do-it Yourself projects. Makes a unique and creative gift. Below are the directions how to make a “record bowl” from an old record. This cute and nostalgic bowl is great for just tossing in your keys, wallet, and phone as you walk in the door. A few years ago as a part of Teacher Appreciate Week, I made all of the teachers at my Son’s middle school a record bowl. The teachers just loved them, using them to store miscellaneous desk items such as scissors, glue, markers, thumb tacks, etc. This year I made a record bowl as well as a wall mounted record mail holder for both my daughter and her college roommate.See instructions below.


This project starts with gathering up some old records. I purchased records at Half-Priced Books. You can purchase records starting at one dollar and up two five or six dollars. I used records with a center color that I liked or one produced by a favorite artist.


Remove the records albums from the cardboard folder. You can through out record album cover, unless you have another great project in mind.


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


Next find an appropriately sized kitchen bowl. I used the largest bowl from my set of three kitchen-aide bowls. (Circumference of about ).


Place record in 200 degree oven. It will take about a minute to heat up enough to be pliable and form into a bowl. See the slight ripple effect on this record? The record is not rippled enough to remove from the oven. Keep eye on record and remove from oven when it has started to melt.


Using a soft, damp cloth, such as a cloth baby diaper, carefully dust both sides of the record. Make sure the cloth fabric is only a little damp and dust the paper circle in the center of the record very lightly. You do not want to tear the label.








Next remove rippled record form the oven and quickly form your record bowl by creating pleats or ruffles in the record. Allow record bowl to cool. It is not complete. No two record bowls will be alike!



Place another record in the 200 degree oven and allow it to get warm.


Simply use a rolled up kitchen towel to form the record into a mail holder.


Hang formed record on the wall with a nail placed in the center of the record. I hung one record above the other for great mail storage.



Aqua love…

Who doesn’t love the color aqua? Enjoy all theses cup cakes, tiffany boxes, suitcases, dresses, mixers, vintage trucks, books, telephones, boots, watches, purses, bicycles, chairs, and a piano!Then add some Aqua blue to your home’s decor or your wardrobe. Enjoy!

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