DIY Chalkboards


Applying chalkboard paint to old gilded mirror, a great use for an unused frame

This post highlights the chalk board. Below you with find several do-it-yourself chalk boards. There are made from old picture frames, window panes, coffee tables, clip boards, dressers, and silver trays. Enjoy!



Beautiful red chalkboard. Turn an old picture frame into a chalkboard. Take a picture, remove art work and replace with a board. Paint board with chalkboard paint. Hang and enjoy.



Stunning gold frame upcycled into a chalkboard. Hung with a beautiful ribbon.



Old clip boards turned into message boards and it’s all been done by painting the clip boards with chalk board pai


Here is a great way to entertain the kiddo’s. Paint a large piece of wood with chalk board paint, then frame out the wood. The little ones will draw for hours.


Take an old window and replace the glass with a wooden board, paint the board with chalk board paint. Paint the old window frame white, hang and enjoy.


Here is a fun way to revamp and old coffee table. Paint the table with chalk board paint, hand the kids some chalk and let them color:)


The panes in this old window have been replaced with cork board and pieces of wood painted with chalk board paint. Now you have a dual purpose media board.


A burlap covered board adorned with a letter painted with chalk board paint. 

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