Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts……….see some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, home decor, jewelry and projects. Where possible I have included the URL for you to find information to the items shown below. I make no claim to any of the photos below. Enjoy!



Here is a vintage heart that lends a little, to your romantic and fairytale inspired decor. See more @



Chicken wire filled with flat, grey stones create a rustic Valentine’s Day wreath. See more


Corkboard “Alice in Wonderland” Heart made with recycled wine bottle corks. See more @


Beautiful floral heart wall hanging created with pink carnations and greenery. See more @


These frames can be a fun little project. Created using sheet music scrapbook paper as backing, a cut out a heart and ink to distess the paper edges. See more@’s.


Script and postage stamps decorate wooden hearts. See more @


Darling heart pin cushions. See more @


Metal heart cut out. See more @


Surround yourself with friends and beauty to celebrate the sweetness of the season. Be My Valentine and you’ll get hugs and kisses year round. See more @


Heart made with felt flowers. See more @


Beautiful heart necklace with vintage chain. See more @


Dragonfly love pendant, great Valentine gift. See more @


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Tutorial: cork board

With kids having headed off to college, try making this cork board for your student! It’s easy to hang on the wall, the side or front of the closet, or on the desk. Directions are below.


I purchased a package of cork boards from Hobby Lobby. Four cork boards come in the package.



Rather than using thumbtacks, I chose to decorate clothspins and permanently mount them to the cork board.


Fabric flowers and bright green ribbon are used to embellish cork board.


Attach the coordinating green piece of ribbon as trim.


Finished ribbon boarder.


Attach fabric flowers to the cork board at the point where the ribbon intersects.



Use large and small size clothespins to make embellished clothespins.



Beads used to embellish clothespins.


Attach beads to clothespins using hot glue.


Attach beads to large clothespins with hot glue.


Attach more beads to the small clothespins with glue gun.


Completed clothespins.


Attach clothespins to cork board with hot glue.


Cork board after clothespins have been glued to the board. Now you are ready to hang in a dorm. (Or keep it for yourself).


Dorm Room Decor


I have a daughter heading off to school soon, so we have started our hunt for some unique, fun, and colorful items to decorate her dorm walls. Here is a list of suggestions for what your child may need in his/he dorm. Enjoy!

  • For bedding: sheets,pillows, pillowcases, extra pillow, comforter or duvet cover, blanket, mattress pad,egg crate mattress topper
  • For Storage:  colorful storage boxes,  storage ottomandouble hung closet rod, under- the- bed storage containers, storage selves, bunk-bed style storage pocket for side or end of bed, shoe organizers, over the door hanger, closet organizers, hangers, make-up & jewelry holder, laptop table
  • Desk Organizers: pen/pencil holder, scissors, tape, tape dispenser, binder/paper clips, staples/stapler and remover, desk lamp, small fan, alarm clock, mirror
  • For the Bath: shower caddy, flip flops for shower, towels, laundry bags or hamper, ironing board, iron
  • For on the Wall: White board, Dry erase markers, magnets, magnet board, and/or thumbtacks, cork board, fabric file folders for back of chair, on side of bed or wall
  • For electronics: Cord organizers, phone/i-pad charger, fabric holder for phone when charging,surge protectors, batteries

Clever dorm room storage shelves. From


Shabby Chic dorm room bulletin board. From


Darling tin can pen and pencil holders. From 


Pretty patterned white, pink and green chair/ottoman. From 

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DIY Chalkboards


Applying chalkboard paint to old gilded mirror, a great use for an unused frame

This post highlights the chalk board. Below you with find several do-it-yourself chalk boards. There are made from old picture frames, window panes, coffee tables, clip boards, dressers, and silver trays. Enjoy!



Beautiful red chalkboard. Turn an old picture frame into a chalkboard. Take a picture, remove art work and replace with a board. Paint board with chalkboard paint. Hang and enjoy.



Stunning gold frame upcycled into a chalkboard. Hung with a beautiful ribbon.



Old clip boards turned into message boards and it’s all been done by painting the clip boards with chalk board pai


Here is a great way to entertain the kiddo’s. Paint a large piece of wood with chalk board paint, then frame out the wood. The little ones will draw for hours.


Take an old window and replace the glass with a wooden board, paint the board with chalk board paint. Paint the old window frame white, hang and enjoy.


Here is a fun way to revamp and old coffee table. Paint the table with chalk board paint, hand the kids some chalk and let them color:)


The panes in this old window have been replaced with cork board and pieces of wood painted with chalk board paint. Now you have a dual purpose media board.


A burlap covered board adorned with a letter painted with chalk board paint. 

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