Festive Holiday Cupcakes


Fun and festive snowman cupcakes. Visit www.cakesdecor.com.

Here are some great ideas for you to make some festive holiday cupcakes. Some are simple enough for anyone to make, others much more complicated for the experienced cake decorator. But all can enjoy looking at the pictures and the joy they bring to  the Holidays. For reference websites,if available, has been noted.


Cheerful elf cupcakes.Visit www.cakesdecor.co


This is so sweet… this holiday season I am going to make everyone a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Frosty the snowman. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Santa going down the chimney cupcake. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Beautiful winter cupcakes. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Frosty the snowman all dressed up in his hat and scarf. Visit http://raspberrytart.tumblr.com.


Just stunning Holiday mini-cakes. Visit http://fashionandpopculturemagic.blogspot.com.

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Tiered Serving Pieces


Stacked metal cake plates in three sizes form an awesome cupcake server.


Cakes have always been a part of many celebrations and now cupcakes have become one of this countries most popular desserts. In this blog I showcase some delightful cake plates and cupcake servers. Some can  even be made from everyday household items. Enjoy!



Darling blue server topped with glass.


Tall, thin pastry stands.


White serving dishes combine to form a three-tiered serving dish. 

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Easter Cakes


bright, beautiful cake @ bing.com


ribbons adore this easter cake @ www.bing.co









 This holiday post features cakes for Easter. Some are very complex and time consuming to make, ( but still a joy to look at) but there are many that almost anyone would be able to make. I have posted each cakes respective website beneath each picture. A few had no site listed. Enjoy this post and I hope you will challenge yourself to try making one of these cakes. Continue reading




glass cloche housing an easter display


A cloche was originally a french word for bell that referred to a bell shaped glass dome that served as a covering for protecting plants from cold temperatures. Today, cloche still refers to a bell shaped glass dome, but the dome may be used as a cover for protecting plants but more often than not a cloche is used to cover a decorative display. You can find cloche’s covering old books, clocks, bird’s nests, keepsakes, teacups and yummy desserts. Enjoy browsing through this post featuring the cloche.Maybe you’ll find a great idea to bring into your home.




multiple glass and metal cloches house green plants



chicken wire covers an easter bunny

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