Burlap love…


burlap covered bench


great ottoman with printed burlap


attractive burlap bag






big burlap pillow and upholstered bench


burlap covered stool


framed burlap covered bulletin board


lounge chairs upholstered with stamped burlap

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Dreaming of a White Christmas


Vintage brooch wreath. From www.pinterest.com.

I’ll be dreaming of a White Christmas. By updating your Holiday decorations to include some white, shabby chic ornaments, stockings, table arrangements, or candles you can create a whole new feel to your Holiday decorating. Below you will find examples of items that you can add to your decor to update your look. Enjoy!


Beautiful tree stick Christmas tree. From http://www.kararosenlund.com/2012/12/weekend-in-pictures-early-christmas-gift.


2″ tiny elf ornaments. From www.esty.com.


A trio of vintage-style bottlebrush trees, flocked in white and silvery glitter. From http://myshabbystreamsidestudio.blogspot.com/2010/11/worldwide-giveaway-jeanne-darc-living




Beautiful white Christmas tree. From http://mycountryroads.blogspot.com.


White wreath with jingle bells. From http://www.horchow.com.

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Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces

In this post I am highlighting Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces all is to do as a Do-it-yourself projects for your Thanksgiving table created from fresh flowers, fruits,vegetables,greenery, pumpkins and winter squash. You will enjoy both making these centerpieces and how great they look on your Thanksgiving Day table. Enjoy.


Extended table dressed up with white pumpkins, fall leaves, and candles.


Beautiful centerpieces created from pomegranates, twigs, yellow lilies, cascading greenery, and hedge apples.


Cute as can be centerpiece using white squash or pumpkin filled with flowers of all kinds.


Love the simplicity of this arrangement, white pumpkin surrounded by soft-green colored greenery.


“Tiered” squash topiary.


Just stunning mini garden centerpiece of colored ornamental cabbage plants.

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Unique Holiday Gift Tags


Beautiful burlap roses, greenery and a bow.

Following the post on wrapping paper, I wanted to hi-light some unique, one of a kind  holiday gift tags that you can add to your wrapped Holiday packages. All photo have been taken from either interest, flickr, or directly from the web. I make no claim to any of the photos. Enjoy.


Stamped “joyeaux” goft tags.






Darling house, snowman, bird,deer, and train tags.


Just stunning red reindeer gift tags.


Festive reindeer.


Stamped Santa Claus gift tag.


Felt and ribbon Christmas trees.


Stamped background with red roses.


Pretty green and white poinsettia gift tags.

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Holiday Wrapped Packages

Here are some great ideas for both gift tags and wrapped holiday boxes. There are a multitude of styles from shabby chic to news print wrapping paper to brown paper wrap. Gift tags range from intricate to easy to make. All of the below pictures were taken from either pinterest or directly from the web. I make no claim to any of the photos. Enjoy.






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Festive Holiday Cupcakes


Fun and festive snowman cupcakes. Visit www.cakesdecor.com.

Here are some great ideas for you to make some festive holiday cupcakes. Some are simple enough for anyone to make, others much more complicated for the experienced cake decorator. But all can enjoy looking at the pictures and the joy they bring to  the Holidays. For reference websites,if available, has been noted.


Cheerful elf cupcakes.Visit www.cakesdecor.co


This is so sweet… this holiday season I am going to make everyone a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Frosty the snowman. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Santa going down the chimney cupcake. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Beautiful winter cupcakes. Visit www.pinterest.com.


Frosty the snowman all dressed up in his hat and scarf. Visit http://raspberrytart.tumblr.com.


Just stunning Holiday mini-cakes. Visit http://fashionandpopculturemagic.blogspot.com.

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Holiday how toVelvet Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Holiday Velvet Pumpkin How-To. First here are some example plush pumpkins. Tutorial to follow.

the velvet pumpkin

Just love this color of orange and the “curled” pumpkin stem.





Beautiful colored velvet pumpkins.


Soft tan velvet pumpkin.


Brown, green and orange in combination.











Step 1: Gather pumpkin stems. Using real pumpkins stems adds authenticity to these pumpkins and they are so gorgeous! Find pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch, vegetable stand or grocery store! Stems need to be completely dried, so leave them in a dry, warm place for a week or so.
Step 3: Thread a long needle with  a heavy thread that matches your velvet.
Make a running stitch 1/4 to 1/2  inch from the edge of the velvet all the way around the circle.
Step 4: Gather the thread and pull the pumpkin top together. Leaving enough room to fill.
IMG_5455Step 5: You can fill your pumpkin, with Fiberfill, beans, rice or poly fiber beads. I found using a harder fill (beans and rice) in combination with the softer fiberfill works the best.The poly fiber beads worked well on their own. Try using a kitchen funnel to fill the pumpkin.
IMG_9714a IMG_9716a

Step 6: Once the pumpkin is filled to your liking, sew the opening close, gathering the velvet together and stitching tightly, allowing gathers to form.


IMG_9718aStep 7: Sew opening securely together. Criss crossing thread over opening in fabric.
imagesStep 8: Tie off threads, securely.
Step 9: Find the perfect position for the stem on the pumpkin BEFORE you glue it down.
Put a big drop of E-6000 glue in the center of the sewn top of the pumpkin as well as on the stem. Afix stem to the pumpkin. Hold for a minute or 2. Set aside and let completely dry.
Step 10: Enjoy your pretty posh velvet pumpkins! Here are some more examples of some beautiful velvet pumpkins.
images images images
images images images images

images images images images















My first blog!


How to craft a unique wreath for valentine’s day

I have just joined the blogging community and I am so excited to post my first Blog. As it is February 10 and already just a few days until Valentine’s Day,I am going to spend this week focusing on all things Red, things with Hearts and things relating to Love.

Valentine's wreath made out of Brussel sprouts.

Valentine’s wreath made out of Brussel sprouts.

What a beautiful and simply made Valentine’s wreath. By taking Brussel sprouts from the vegetable section of the grocery store, you can create this adorable wreath. Hang it on an exterior or interior door, a mirror or window! It will be a conversation starter.