Halloween Pumpkins


Lace covered white (or orange) covered pumpkin. See more @ www.bhg.com/halloween/pumpkin-decorating/

Terry Cloth Pumpkin Close Up_thumb[1]

Lace and velvet pumpkin. See more @ www.vintagewithlaces.

 Halloween Pumpkins : Below you will find some unique ideas for decoration pumpkins this Halloween season. Trick or Treat?


Candy corn pumpkins. See more @ www.bhg.com/halloween/pumpkin-decorating.


Pumpkin painted white and dressed up with a sequined spider web. See more @ www.bhg.com/halloween/pumpkin-decorating.


Boo in buttons. See more @ www.bhg.com/halloween/pumpkin-decorating.


Glitter pumpkin topiary. See more @ www.adiamondinthestuff.com.


Embellished black cat and bat. See more @ www.bhg.com/halloween/pumpkin-decorating.


Pumpkin decorated with vintage door knob as the stem. See more @ findinghomeonline.com/vintage-doorknob-pumpkins.

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glass cloche housing an easter display


A cloche was originally a french word for bell that referred to a bell shaped glass dome that served as a covering for protecting plants from cold temperatures. Today, cloche still refers to a bell shaped glass dome, but the dome may be used as a cover for protecting plants but more often than not a cloche is used to cover a decorative display. You can find cloche’s covering old books, clocks, bird’s nests, keepsakes, teacups and yummy desserts. Enjoy browsing through this post featuring the cloche.Maybe you’ll find a great idea to bring into your home.




multiple glass and metal cloches house green plants



chicken wire covers an easter bunny

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