Centerpieces for the Winter Holiday


Beautiful floral holiday centerpiece. Use a glass vase, add fresh green and red flowers. Place hedge apples and candles on table for accents. More details @

Nothing is more fun than decorating for the winter holidays, wheather you live in the snowy North or warm South. I’ve put together a wonderful collection of Holiday centerpieces below. Enjoy!


Cute way to construct an apple and pine bough centerpiece. Using styrofoam cones hot glue apples to form add in pine greenery with a u-shaped pin. More details @


You can create this fun table arrangement with things you already have at home. For a larger centerpiece use a coffee can, add various sizes of ornaments and greenery. You can use a vegetable or a soup can to make smaller arrangements. More details @


Pretty centerpiecs of roses and candy canes. Using hot glue attach candy canes to vase of coffee can. then fill your container with fresh cut roses. More details @


Create a Do-It-Yourself centerpiece with empty Kleenex and cardboard boxes… just cover boxes with flower petals, peppermint candy, or red tinsel and then tie them up with a ribbon bow. More details @


Black, red, and white present topiary. Stack creatively wrapped presents on a metal urn top with florals and ribbon. What a creative arrangement! More details @


Beautiful holiday floral arrangement created with red and white roses, green flowers, and pine greenery placed in a clear vase. More details @


Create a holiday urn centerpiece using a sleek metal container to hold an arrangement of ornamental cabbage, cedar, pine cones, yellow amaranth and Italian pittosporum, a tender green best suited to indoor use. More details @

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Upcycled hip clothes


Upcycled red and white blouse. See more @

Below you will find some great ideas for upcycled hip clothes. These do-it-yourself projects range from easy to challenging, so enjoy sinking your teeth into one of these projects. Most photos are taken from pinterest or the web. I make no claim to them. I’ve included the website where possible. Enjoy!


French Sugar Parisian romantic upcycled lace by frenchsugarcouture. See more @


Elegant Scarf – gorgeous cccessory in a mink color …It made from a chiffon fabric…..See more @


Comfy sweater made from yellow-green ribbed knit. See more


Fun turquoise shrug from an old t-shirt. See more @


Arm warmer created from lace, t-shirt arm. See more @


Enjoy this wear-with-all piece, slate grey, pure cotton See more @


Pink cashmere rose scarf. See more @


Pretty lace cami top. See more @

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Shabby Chic Designed Jewelry

This post is filled with all sorts of fun vintage jewelry. Great earrings,necklaces, rings and watches. Enjoy.


Vintage Cameo Rhinestone Repurposed Bracelet A triangular-shaped rhinestone connector with tiny engraved flowers from a vintage rhinestone bracelet holds the clasp.
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Clearly Cool Cabbage Rose Repurposed Vintage Earrings. Silverplate leverback earrings hang a vintage smooth glass marquis connector, a vintage sterling silver cabbage rose charm from a vintage rosary bracelet (complete with tiny saint on the back); from the bottom is a vintage diamond-shaped faceted glass drop.
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Abundance of bracelets wrap around the wrist.Bracelet includes vintage buttons, balls, carved flowers and metal.
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“Babushka” beaded, hammered copper wire earrings by Suesun2008
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Capri Blue and Clear Repurposed Vintage Drops From silverplate leverback earrings hang 2 vintage faceted glass components. At the top is a diamond-shaped clear glass connector and from the bottom is a double setting, both with Capri blue (dreamy) stones – one round, one marquis.
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3 Strands Charm Bracelet with Reds. It’s all in red and coral tones (except for the rosary, of course)!..
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Orange Crush



Glamorous orange gown


Orange has not always been a favorite color of mine. One day I purchased an orange cardigan sweater in orange, I received so many compliments when wearing this orange sweater that I now incorporate orange into my wardrobe and home decor. I have orange shoes, a raincoat, a great purse, and scarfs as well as having orange candle holders and candles and metal orange table in my backyard and orange floral arrangements. So I recommend adding orange to your home and your wardrobe. Enjoy the following post, a Sea of Orange.




Ruffles of orange


Orange mini-dress


Stunning orange staircase


The orange color


Orange dress with roses

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