Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces

In this post I am highlighting Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces all is to do as a Do-it-yourself projects for your Thanksgiving table created from fresh flowers, fruits,vegetables,greenery, pumpkins and winter squash. You will enjoy both making these centerpieces and how great they look on your Thanksgiving Day table. Enjoy.


Extended table dressed up with white pumpkins, fall leaves, and candles.


Beautiful centerpieces created from pomegranates, twigs, yellow lilies, cascading greenery, and hedge apples.


Cute as can be centerpiece using white squash or pumpkin filled with flowers of all kinds.


Love the simplicity of this arrangement, white pumpkin surrounded by soft-green colored greenery.


“Tiered” squash topiary.


Just stunning mini garden centerpiece of colored ornamental cabbage plants.

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