The Color Purple

The Color Purple: Regal and royal. Purple is the color of royalties. It stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also the color of passion, romance and sensitivity. This post highlights the color purple—–Enjoy the 101 ways to love the color logging on to Pinerest and searching for “purple”.

The below pictures come from the web as well as Pinterest. I do not claim any rights to them. Most can be found


Purple grapes


Beautiful monogrammed purple blanket.


Cool tinted purple bottles.


Stunning floral arrangement of purple and white cabbage plants.


Lovely rose embellished cake pops.


Beautiful flowers.


Just like Grandma’s Tea Service.


Purple Ballerina.


Great purple chair.

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Christmas Stockings

Festive, shabby chic, burlap, felt, fabric,and fanciful Christmas Stockings. Below you will find 101 Holiday stockings to use as your inspiration to either craft or purchase new stockings for the holiday season. Enjoy!


Fantastic and fanciful “elf boot” stocking. Made of felt and decorated with fabric, beads and ornaments. See more @



Great stocking ideas from Pottery Barn. See more @


Curled boot stocking with feather boa trim. See more @


Printed linen fabric dresses up this stocking with lace. See more @


Woodland Deer Christmas Stocking. See more @


Embellished green velvet “grinch” stocking. See more @


Fashion these cute and comforting stockings from patterned fabric.


Love this green toile stocking. See more @


Fun velvet stocking trimmed with fabris. See more @

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Holiday how toVelvet Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Holiday Velvet Pumpkin How-To. First here are some example plush pumpkins. Tutorial to follow.

the velvet pumpkin

Just love this color of orange and the “curled” pumpkin stem.





Beautiful colored velvet pumpkins.


Soft tan velvet pumpkin.


Brown, green and orange in combination.











Step 1: Gather pumpkin stems. Using real pumpkins stems adds authenticity to these pumpkins and they are so gorgeous! Find pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch, vegetable stand or grocery store! Stems need to be completely dried, so leave them in a dry, warm place for a week or so.
Step 3: Thread a long needle with  a heavy thread that matches your velvet.
Make a running stitch 1/4 to 1/2  inch from the edge of the velvet all the way around the circle.
Step 4: Gather the thread and pull the pumpkin top together. Leaving enough room to fill.
IMG_5455Step 5: You can fill your pumpkin, with Fiberfill, beans, rice or poly fiber beads. I found using a harder fill (beans and rice) in combination with the softer fiberfill works the best.The poly fiber beads worked well on their own. Try using a kitchen funnel to fill the pumpkin.
IMG_9714a IMG_9716a

Step 6: Once the pumpkin is filled to your liking, sew the opening close, gathering the velvet together and stitching tightly, allowing gathers to form.


IMG_9718aStep 7: Sew opening securely together. Criss crossing thread over opening in fabric.
imagesStep 8: Tie off threads, securely.
Step 9: Find the perfect position for the stem on the pumpkin BEFORE you glue it down.
Put a big drop of E-6000 glue in the center of the sewn top of the pumpkin as well as on the stem. Afix stem to the pumpkin. Hold for a minute or 2. Set aside and let completely dry.
Step 10: Enjoy your pretty posh velvet pumpkins! Here are some more examples of some beautiful velvet pumpkins.
images images images
images images images images

images images images images















Halloween Pumpkins


Lace covered white (or orange) covered pumpkin. See more @

Terry Cloth Pumpkin Close Up_thumb[1]

Lace and velvet pumpkin. See more @ www.vintagewithlaces.

 Halloween Pumpkins : Below you will find some unique ideas for decoration pumpkins this Halloween season. Trick or Treat?


Candy corn pumpkins. See more @


Pumpkin painted white and dressed up with a sequined spider web. See more @


Boo in buttons. See more @


Glitter pumpkin topiary. See more @


Embellished black cat and bat. See more @


Pumpkin decorated with vintage door knob as the stem. See more @

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