Holiday how toVelvet Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Holiday Velvet Pumpkin How-To. First here are some example plush pumpkins. Tutorial to follow.

the velvet pumpkin

Just love this color of orange and the “curled” pumpkin stem.





Beautiful colored velvet pumpkins.


Soft tan velvet pumpkin.


Brown, green and orange in combination.











Step 1: Gather pumpkin stems. Using real pumpkins stems adds authenticity to these pumpkins and they are so gorgeous! Find pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch, vegetable stand or grocery store! Stems need to be completely dried, so leave them in a dry, warm place for a week or so.
Step 3: Thread a long needle with  a heavy thread that matches your velvet.
Make a running stitch 1/4 to 1/2  inch from the edge of the velvet all the way around the circle.
Step 4: Gather the thread and pull the pumpkin top together. Leaving enough room to fill.
IMG_5455Step 5: You can fill your pumpkin, with Fiberfill, beans, rice or poly fiber beads. I found using a harder fill (beans and rice) in combination with the softer fiberfill works the best.The poly fiber beads worked well on their own. Try using a kitchen funnel to fill the pumpkin.
IMG_9714a IMG_9716a

Step 6: Once the pumpkin is filled to your liking, sew the opening close, gathering the velvet together and stitching tightly, allowing gathers to form.


IMG_9718aStep 7: Sew opening securely together. Criss crossing thread over opening in fabric.
imagesStep 8: Tie off threads, securely.
Step 9: Find the perfect position for the stem on the pumpkin BEFORE you glue it down.
Put a big drop of E-6000 glue in the center of the sewn top of the pumpkin as well as on the stem. Afix stem to the pumpkin. Hold for a minute or 2. Set aside and let completely dry.
Step 10: Enjoy your pretty posh velvet pumpkins! Here are some more examples of some beautiful velvet pumpkins.
images images images
images images images images

images images images images















Halloween Pumpkins


Lace covered white (or orange) covered pumpkin. See more @

Terry Cloth Pumpkin Close Up_thumb[1]

Lace and velvet pumpkin. See more @ www.vintagewithlaces.

 Halloween Pumpkins : Below you will find some unique ideas for decoration pumpkins this Halloween season. Trick or Treat?


Candy corn pumpkins. See more @


Pumpkin painted white and dressed up with a sequined spider web. See more @


Boo in buttons. See more @


Glitter pumpkin topiary. See more @


Embellished black cat and bat. See more @


Pumpkin decorated with vintage door knob as the stem. See more @

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4th of July Red, White and Blue Desserts


Red cupcakes topped with icing and fruit


Heart shaped sugar cokies. Details at by jcookies!


Patriot Jello mold. Details @


Red, White n Blue Salad Recipe from Taste of Home


Round sugar cookies dipped twice in icing.


Creamy Coconut Stars- Red, White and Blue. Details at


Red, White and Blue swirled cookies. Details at

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Red, White, and Blue


Darling red trench coat accessorized with red, white and blue bag

Having just celebrated Memorial Day in the US and with the 4th of July just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some great combinations of clothing in Red, White and Blue. Enjoy.


Child’s pillow case dress


Striped tank paired with skirt with a big row


Terrific wide stripe car coat


Accessorize white pants with red and blue ribbon

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Unique Gift Giving

Upturned mirror placed on an ottoman and covered in lit candles and candle holders. It glows.

Upturned mirror placed on an ottoman and covered in lit candles and candle holders. It glows.


Enlarged tape measure table runner made from fabric drop cloth printed with number and measurements.

Enlarged tape measure table runner made from fabric (try linen or oilcloth) printed with number and measurements.

Happy Mother’s Day to mother’s everywhere. I’ve compiled several items that I’d (and most any mother) would love to recieve on Mother’s Day. Many items are do-it-yourself items (always a big winner with mom’s), one of a kind gifts or recycled items. I hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful day today.

Fun idea, take vintage frames cover a backer board with toile fabric to create a cheerful wall hanging.

Fun idea, take vintage frames cover a backer board with toile fabric to create a cheerful wall hanging.



Wall plaque made from old boards “white washed” and stenciled with black letters


Easy and innovative wall hanging. You can purchase a black outdoor matt and spray paint white, dabbing off some paint before it completely dries, distressing the matt. Hang!

Easy and innovative wall hanging. You can purchase a black outdoor matt and spray paint white, dabbing off some paint before it completely dries, distressing the matt. Hang!


Lawn rake (handle removed) hung on the wall turns into unique wine glass holder

Lawn rake (handle removed) hung on the wall turns into unique wine glass holder

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Easter Egg Hunt


Marbleized Eggs
Supplies: eggs,food coloring, vinegar, cooking oil,cups, paper towels, spoons.
Method: In each cup, combine one tablespoon of each of the following: oil, vinegar, and your choice of food coloring. Add water until cup is 3/4 full. Swirl the liquid, and quickly lower and raise an egg into it. Pat dry with a paper towel, and repeat with a 2nd color. Swirl into a third color, if desired. Pat dry.

Enjoy decorating Easter eggs? There are so many creative ways to dress them up. Here is just a hint of how you can dress up your hard boiled eggs for Easter. Enjoy…..







Marbling Eggs:
Supplies:Enamel hobby paints: green, lavender, purple, or colors of your choice.
Disposable aluminum pans, one per color combination. Rubber gloves, wooden skewers, blown eggs,coffee filters.
1. Select color or combinations, using one or more colors of paint for each marbling bath.2. For each bath, fill a roasting pan with 4 inches of water. Wearing gloves, add 1 tsp. of each color paint to pan.. Swirl the end of a skewer through the paint. 3. Place an egg on the end of a skewer. Swirl it around through the paint mixture. When the paint has adhered to the egg in a marbled pattern, remove the egg from the skewer to an egg carton and let it dry. Repeat.


Dying eggs using rubber cement:
Supplies: eggs with center blown out,rubber cement, traditional egg dye.
Method: Enlarge hole at bottom of egg and place on a wooden skewer. Drizzle egg with rubber cement, let dry, then dip in a dye bath. When it’s dry, gently peel off the rubber cement. Repeat two or three times with additional colors — a masterpiece!


Water colored eggs
Supplies: eggs, dye, vinegar, water, pie tin, gloves
Hint: Make a dark color version of a dye, and then a lighter. Just add 50% more water to the existing “dark” color to make a lighter version.
Method: To prep eggs, mix 50% water and 50% vinegar and wipe the eggs down with the mixture. Let dry. Start with the lighter colors. Its all about layering light to dark. Hold the egg over the tin on both ends, & pour color over it. After you have made your pour, turn the egg in your hand so the color goes all the way around. You MUST let the color completely dry in between the pours. Use a blow dryer to speed things up. Once your egg is dry, repeat with another light color, or a darker one. You can do a lot of pours, or a l



Speckled Tea stained and Blue eggs:
Supplies: eggs, tea bags, blue and green food coloring, glasses, brown craft paint, toothbrush
Method:For tea-stained eggs, add 2 tea bags to glass of hot water and steep. Lower egg into tea for several minutes until desired color is reached. Allow to dry.
For blue eggs, combine 1 drop of blue and 1 drop of green food coloring in glass of water. Lower egg into dye bath until desired color is reached. Allow to dry.To speckle eggs, use brown craft paint and a toothbrush. Dip brush into paint and lightly splatter and dab around the egg to achieve a random, lightly dotted pattern. Allow to dry.

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Easter Cakes


bright, beautiful cake @


ribbons adore this easter cake @









 This holiday post features cakes for Easter. Some are very complex and time consuming to make, ( but still a joy to look at) but there are many that almost anyone would be able to make. I have posted each cakes respective website beneath each picture. A few had no site listed. Enjoy this post and I hope you will challenge yourself to try making one of these cakes. Continue reading


Easter Decor Abounds

Today is April 12th, and Easter  is just a few days away. Below you will find some great ideas for decorating your home for Easter. There are examples of wreaths, topiaries, floral arrangements, decorated eggs, peeps, tablescapes, and trees. Enjoy.

pink peeps and pink gerber daisies



burlap bunnies make a beautiful tablescape



fabric carrots




rabbit caught napping on this Easter wreath


bunny made by covering a plywood bunny with dried green moss


Easter eggs with words decopodged on and wrapped in twine

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